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by Admin July 17, 2020
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About Comdata:

Comdata is a payment processor and issuer of fleet fuel cards, corporate spend cards, paperless payroll cards, virtual payments and trucking permits. The company was founded in 1969 by Curtiss W. Harter. It started with trucking industry initially and gradually expanded its service to other industries which now cover hospitality, travel, construction, restaurants, healthcare, education and government. Ever since it has entered the market, Comdata has changed the way companies manage their data, pay their employees and control spending on major business purchases. The corporate spend card that Comdata issues, can be used to make vendor purchase, payment for employee T&E expenses etc. Interesting feature of this card is the company management can set limit on this card and can also restrict certain merchants.

Comdata Card Account Activation:

As an innovative payment solution provider Comdata is changing the way of corporate payments used to take place earlier. There was a time when you had to submit travel expense bill once you are back from a business trip and then follow up with your accounts team for reimbursement. But with Comdata you can now take any business trip in a hassle free manner. The expense upper limit is already set on your card and transactions can be tracked in real time. It helps you you’re your programs, save money and time, and increase revenue, etc. Comdata Cardholders can view their account history and money transaction, change account settings, manage corporate purchases and more on a single platform online.

Guide for Activation of Comdata Card Account:

Comdata offers a whole lot of solutions for managing corporate payments. You can customize spending controls, track expenses in real time, and make reimbursements and other pay easier and more efficient. There are a lot more you can do with Comdata Card. Before using your Comdata Card, you must activate it with a few steps:

  • Visit Comdata Card account activation page.
  • Click on ‘Click here to register’ button.
  • Enter your card number and activation code and click on ‘Next’ button.
  • Enter your required information to complete the form.
  • Create your ID and password.

comdata card activation


  • Check the email you have offered previously to see if you have received a notification mail.
  • Click on the link given in the notification mail to authenticate your email.
  • You can activate your Comdata Card at www.cardholder.comdata.com

Useful Links:

Comdata Official Site – www.comdata.com/index.html

Comdata Blog – www.news.comdata.com/index

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