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by Admin July 17, 2020
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Driving on a highway with your friends on a long weekend and suddenly the tyre of your car get punctured and you all are stuck by the roadside or while driving on a lonely Highway with your fiance you enter into a coffee station for having a drinks break and on returning to your car you discover that the key is locked inside. This sort of unpleasant and uncalled for incidents are small but enough to spoil your mood. Realizing that how embarrassed you will feel in this type of situations, GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) has come up with a solution that allows you to report such incident and ask for roadside assistance.

Important points about GEICO roadside assistance service:

  • You are eligible to get this facility if your policy covers emergency Road services.
  • It takes five minutes or less to tell GEICO that what is wrong with your vehicle.
  • The GEICO emergency roadside assistance service is available around the clock 24 x 7
  • You can report your vehicle problem and ask for roadside assistance with or without logging into your GEICO online policy account.

How much the GEICO roadside assistance service will cost me?

  • The GEICO roadside assistance service costs you almost nothing if it is already included as an emergency service into your policy that you have taken from GEICO.
  • If you are not so sure whether this service is included as an emergency service into your policy, you can check it online either by using GEICO apps or by logging into your account and checking your policy details.
  • The labour charge to change your flattened tyre is included in this service.
  • Towing charge is also included in this service but that should not be in case you meet an accident.
  • If the keys of your car gets locked inside by mistake, you can avail Lockout services from GEICO costing you up to a maximum amount of $100.
  • The coverage also takes care of jump-starts (sometimes all you need is a good jump start to fire your vehicle).

So how do I report my vehicle problem and ask for GEICO emergency roadside assistance service?

  • Visit the official website of GEICO www.geico.com and scroll down the page.
  • Towards the bottom of the page you will find claims center and under claims center there is an exclusive link provided for requesting roadside help. Click on the link.
  • Alternately you can click the direct link www.claims.geico.com/ReportClaim
  • On the report page you will have to fill only three information – your first name, last name and your policy number.

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  • If you do not remember your policy number and finding it difficult to locate the policy number, point your mouse on the “?” sign provided above the policy number field and a drop down window will appear where you need to click on the “see these locations” link. Alternately you can click on the direct link to find out where you can locate your 10 digit policy number (www.ecams.geico.com/faq/policyNumber).
  • Once you are done with filling up your name and policy number on the report page, click on the continue button and follow the online instructions to complete your request.
  • It will be even easier for you, if you remember your user id and password for logging into GEICO online account. Because in that case you do not have to find out your policy number separately as it will be pre-filled.
  • A link for logging into your GEICO online account is provided below the policy number field on the report page.
  • Sometimes you may get stuck at a very remote place where you do not have access to internet and in that case the smartest way is to call up your home and ask someone to report your vehicle problem through Amazon Alexa skill or Google Action. All you have to say is “Alexa, I need help with my vehicle” or “hey Google, I need help with my vehicle”.

More on GEICO report claim hub:

  • Apart from reporting your vehicle problem and asking for emergency roadside help, customers can also report claims for other types of insurances offered by GEICO (pet insurance, jewellery insurance, flood insurance, life Insurance, boat insurance etc.). In that case they have to choose the right insurance policy type which they want to report for from the drop-down menu provided below the policy number blank field.
  • Other than reporting a claim through GEICO report hub, the customers can even check the status of an already existing claim. To check the status of an existing claim click on the link provided at the right bottom corner of the page.
  • On the next page you will be asked to key in your claim number, first name and last name. (find out the 16 digit Claim number that has been provided to you by the GEICO team either over telephone or through your email).
  • Click on the “next” button and follow the online instructions to view the status of your existing claim.
  • Alternately in this case also you can login to your GEICO online account to check the status of your existing claim for which link has been provided below the orange colored “next” button.

GEICO roadside help contact number:


Useful links:

Official website of GEICO: www.geico.com

GEICO claim report hub: www.claims.geico.com/ReportClaim

About GEICO:

Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is an American insurance provider mostly dealing with Auto Insurance. The company is headquartered at Chevy Chase, Maryland. It is the second largest Auto Insurance provider in the entire United States of America after State Farm holding the top spot. GEICO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and provides insurance to more than 25 million motor vehicles owned by more than 15 million policyholders.

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