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by Admin July 17, 2020
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Hello readers; we know that you all were waiting eagerly for our new article and this time we are back with a survey article. This is from Dunkin doughnuts. The doughnut is popular in many countries and prepared in various forms as a sweet snack. In an age of digitization where we could find possibly everything on internet which are either essentially required for us to lead daily life or can make our life simpler, finding a recipe for preparing doughnut is not very tough job. But even if you are successful in preparing doughnuts at your home, there is something called special flavour which you could find in some special manufacturers only. Dunkin doughnuts is one of them. If you look around you, it will not be a hard task to find out doughnut lovers in plenty of numbers among your friends, your relatives and the people you know. Having said this we will now move to our next section to know more about this survey.

Dunkin’ doughnut is an American multinational quick service restaurant chain best in Canton, Massachusetts. They started the journey way back in 1950 when it was founded by William Rosenberg. Dunkin’ doughnut is one of the largest coffee and baked goods chains around the globe with more than 12000 restaurants operating in 36 countries. This chain serves millions of its happy customers daily with a variety of hot and iced beverages sweet and fluffy doughnuts, bagels and other baked goods. The chain is currently owned by Dunkin’ brands and headed by its executive chairman, Nigel Travis. Dunkin’ doughnut has revenue of around US$828 million. If you are a doughnut lover then we are very sure that you will love to visit Dunkin’ doughnut outlet again and again for the special flavour of their product by which they have won millions of Hearts for the last 68 years.

Dunkin’ doughnut is offering an opportunity for its customers to take up an online review about their products, their outlets, their staffs and about their services. The official survey could be found in the link www.telldunkin.com wherein Dunkin’ is asking its loyal customers to let them know how they have liked the taste of their doughnuts, whether or not their outlets are attractive, how have you found the behaviour/approach of their staff. The feedback you provide through this survey link will be analyzed by the management with an intention to find out the areas of drawbacks where they can work hard to make their product and services better for you compared to as it is today. Many companies organize this kind of surveys during the initial phase of their business to improve upon their products and services and once the reach the top they become ignorant about the requirement of their customers. One should not consider Dunkin’ doughnut of the same category because Dunkin’ really has an open ear to hear from its valued customers – irrespective of whether it is positive or negative feedback about them. Therefore, whatever you have felt during your last visit to any of the Dunkin’ outlet you should inform them through this online customer satisfaction survey.

Telldunkin Survey – www.telldunkin.com

However, there are some TellDunkin Survey Eligibility & Rules which should be taken care of to make your valuable feedback eligible and it also allows you to participate in the survey by delivering you free Dunkin’ donut.

Through this article we will provide you guidance, step by step, as to how you can get a free yummy doughnut at www.telldunkin.com and complete Dunkin’ doughnuts survey in an easy and hassle-free way so that you can successfully win Dunkin’ doughnut survey $25 gift card.

TellDunkin Survey Eligibility & Rules

So, before taking up the actual survey, let’s first get to know the eligibility criteria and rules of the survey to be clear about a few things – who can take up this survey, what is the age requirement, what is the citizenship requirement etc to understand whether or not you are eligible to participate in this online survey. All these important points can lead you to win free Dunkin’ doughnut, free Dunkin’ gift card of $25.

  • You should be able to understand, speak and write in English or in Spanish as this server can be taken in only these two languages.
  • A computer or laptop or a smartphone with steady internet connection is required for accessing the survey link.
  • You need to be of 18 years of age or more in order to participate in this online survey organized by Dunkin’ doughnut.
  • Your recent receipt of Dunkin’ doughnut is required because to start the survey you are required to enter your survey code which could be found written on your receipt itself.
  • You should be having a valid, working email address in order to get a validation code to complete the survey.
  • The validation code, which will be mailed to your registered email address, is valid for 180 days and you should complete the validation process within this period only.
  • Please remember that your validation code cannot be redeemed into cash; it can only bring you food from Dunkin’ doughnut.
  • In any case you are from Staff Members, Directors, Officers, even house holders or even immediate family members of Dunkin’ doughnut then you are not eligible to participate in the telldunkin survey.
  • For more updates on the rules and regulation and the eligibility criteria log on to the official website of the Dunkin’ doughnut survey at www.telldunkin.com

Terms and Conditions of www TellDunkin com Survey

Apart from the eligibility criteria as have been stated in the section above, there are few terms and conditions which should be kept in mind before you participate in the survey contest organised by Dunkin’ doughnut. Though these terms and conditions will not be deciding your eligibility to take part in the survey but they will be definitely very helpful for you to understand about the redemption of survey coupon code that will win you free Dunkin’ doughnut and free $25 gift card from Dunkin’.

  • All the Dunkin’ doughnut coupon code are valid only for 180 days; post that time the coupon code will expire and will be invalid.
  • A customer will receive only a single receipt for every purchase he makes from Dunkin’ doughnut.
  • The coupon codes could not be transferred into cash; it can only be redeemed into food.
  • No coupon code can be combined with vouchers or coupons related to other promotional offers.
  • The customers have to pay the Tax amount which is applicable after the coupon is redeemed.

Prize for telldunkin survey

Well, till now we have tried to give you a fare idea about Dunkin’ doughnut, the recent survey which is being organized by them, the eligibility criteria for participating in to the said survey, the terms and conditions of the survey which one should keep in mind before beginning The Redemption process of coupon code.

In this section we will be providing you the most exciting information of the entire article – prize that you can win through tellDunkin survey. In case you are the lucky one to win the contest organised by Dunkin’ doughnut then you will be honoured with free yummy doughnuts from Dunkin’ also you can win Free Dunkin Gift Card and will be eligible to win the Free $25 Dunkin Gift Card.

To get any of the above prize you only need to spend some few minutes and participate in the survey and provide a honest feedback which should be free from any partiality or biasness. While responding to the questionnaire asked through this online guest satisfaction survey you should keep in mind that your responses will be analysed thoroughly by the management of Dunkin’ to understand the possible areas of improvement where they need to really work hard.For providing feedback participate in telldunkin survey at www.telldunkin.com

How to proceed for the survey conducted by Dunkin’ doughnut?

So by now we have discussed about the rules of the survey, the eligibility criteria, the important terms and conditions of the survey which one should keep in mind before taking it up and also about the price one can win by taking this online guest satisfaction survey and now we will move on to the next section to guide you step by step for how you can access the survey link, how to start the survey by entering your survey code, how to get the survey code, how to win the free gift etc. We will not be guiding you about only one thing which is how to answer the questions asked through the survey because those responses of yours should be original, without any biasness and it should come from your own experience with Dunkin’ doughnut.

  • Switch on your computer or laptop or Tablet and connect it with a stable internet connection.
  • Open your browser and visit the survey link at www.telldunkin.com

telldunkin survey


  • On the welcome page you will be asked to choose your Preferred language for response. You will be getting two options- English and Spanish; choose your Preferred language by clicking on one of them and it will redirect you to the next page.
  • On the next page you will find two segment. On the left hand side there is a field for entering your 18 digit survey code and on the right hand side a sample receipt has been uploaded to show you that where from you could locate your survey Code.
  • Remember we told you to keep your recent receipt of Dunkin’ doughnut ready in front of you? Now look at your own receipt, locate your survey code and enter them into the respective field on the web page.
  • If you do not find any survey code printed on your receipt, do not get panicky as there is an alternate way also to participate in this survey without having a survey code.
  • Below the start button you will find a link where it is written “my receipt does not have a survey code”; click on that link.
  • On the next page there are three different fields for entering three different information. The first field is meant for entering the 6 digit store number or PC number; look at the top of your receipt, locate the 6 digit number and enter them into the respective field.
  • The second field is a drop down menu where you need to select your date of visit to any Dunkin’ doughnut outlet.
  • The third field is also a drop down menu where you are required to select your time of visit to Dunkin’ doughnut outlet.
  • Once you are done with filling up all three fields click on the next button and it will take you the actual survey page where the questions are located.
  • You will be provided with some questions which are related to Dunkin’ doughnut customer service, the quality of food served by them, the hygiene & attractiveness of their outlets and the approach of their serving staff. You need to answer all the questions correctly and honestly as per your personal experience and then you have to share your valuable review and feedback.
  • Share your working email address to get a mail of free validation code which is offered by dunkin donuts for your free dunkin donut.
  • Write down the validation code on the receipt which you have got at the check counter of dunkin donut.
  • It is really important to carry the receipt on which the validation code is mentioned to get your free dunkin donut.

Official Website : www.telldunkin.com


When you spend any bucks from your pocket it should always bring you value for your money and only then you feel really satisfied and don’t have any regret feeling in your mind for spending the amount. With this logic whenever you visit any food outlet you always want their food to be tasty, there outlets to be hygienic and attractive in looks, the foods are also required to be fresh, the serving staffs are required to be courteous, there should not be a long waiting time for getting the food served at your table, the prices of the dishes should be reasonable, so on and so forth. Out of all these criteria which are very essential for making you happy if any one or two or more are not satisfied then possibly you would not like to visit the same outlet again. But at the same time you should also think that if those points improved the service and food is otherwise ok. So, in order to rectify those drawbacks by the company management you should let them know about the actual fact and whenever you are given any opportunity to share your experience you should actually speak your heart out. Therefore we strongly recommend you to take on this online guest satisfaction survey conducted by Dunkin’ doughnut.

Thank you for being with us so patiently throughout the entire article. As you know that in all of our presentation we try to make it the simplest it could have been possible. But even then also if you have any suggestions for us or if you at all liked our presentation through this article then kindly let us know it by marking your comment in the comments section below.

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